My inability to make a decision, any decision, is staggering. Is it that I truly can’t think for myself? Or is it that I’ve become so accustomed to sussing out everyone else’s needs and desires, so committed to seeing them fulfilled, that I’ve forgotten how to suss out my own?

Being in this constant should I/shouldn’t I state is exhausting. Why can’t I simply know my own mind?

Two paths lie ahead. Only one can be taken. Both are attractive, with just the right amount of uncertainty thrown in to make them intriguing. Down which road will I find my destination?

But this isn’t a yellow wood and I’m not Robert Frost. This is my life. Or could be my life, if I could just be brave enough to commit.

I’ve been standing at this crossroads for years now. The path to the left varies. It changes with my mood, my current interests, with my season of life. The path to the right never varies. But it is never taken, either. There is always a reason to hold off, step back. The time is never right.

I feel like time is running out.

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