Choosing Health

I’ll start Monday. The first of the month. The first of the year. This plan. That plan. Years of fighting my body and putting myself down. A good five years of simply throwing in the towel, eating poorly, and drinking to excess because nothing I do works anyway, so why not? After decades of wishing, wanting, hoping, dreaming about the healthy, vibrant woman I want to be, I find myself at a crossroads.


I’m no longer worrying about what I look like in a swimsuit or what size my jeans are. My concerns now are far more important. Health. Mobility. Longevity. How do I want to spend the next 40 years? In good health, enjoying life and grandchildren and retirement? Or tired and achy, sitting in my rocking chair?

I’m choosing health.

What would my life be, what changes could I actually make, if I really committed to a whole foods, plant based diet for an entire year? What would change if I gave up the wine for a year? Where could I be at that point in time? My guess is I’d be somewhere fantastic. I’d be a different person, in a different body.

I would love to be that person. Not for the smaller jeans or the single chin, although both of those would be most welcome. I would love to be that person for the ease of movement, the feeling of lightness and brightness, the health and vibrancy. And I would love to know I’m in the best shape possible, in the best health possible. And I would love to feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing you showed up for yourself and followed through on a plan to make your life, your self, better.

Tomorrow is my 46th birthday. This is the gift I’m giving myself. 365 days of whole foods, plant-based eating, no wine involved. I’m excited to see where that takes me. I’m excited to see how I handle the challenges, the hard days. I’m excited to change my life.

I have decided to act. The rest is merely tenacity.